Available in local classroom or as a mentored online course!

Functional Holiness Course

Functional Holiness is a new 15 week, one semester, college-level course exploring holiness from a variety of perspectives. There are units on defining holiness, the importance of holiness, cultural hindrances to holiness, historical perspectives on holiness, and living in functional holiness in the world.

John Wesley

Additional Information

We will gain a Biblical definition and benefits of holiness and will be looking at our subject through the eyes of the Early Church Fathers and Bishops, the Reformers Luther and Calvin, and more thoroughly through the life and ministry of John Wesley. Sections on both Liberal Theology and The Holiness Movement are also in the curriculum, as well as, a sampling of denominational definitions and doctrines of holiness.

This course can be taken locally, in The Dalles, as a group of students, or privately through online mentoring when you obtain a free Zoom video conferencing account. Each class member or private student must have the 50,000 word, 192 page Student Resource Document. There is a $20 materials fee for each student to cover the cost of printing this document. Due to Fair Use practices, no electronic transfer is allowed. There are no other fees or charges.

So start the year with a great course that will lead you to a greater appreciation of Biblical Functional Holiness and how to experience it in your own life. Contact me here for more information.